eddie [at] eddiemakes [dot] com

Hey, I’m Eddie.
First things first, I’m a creative.

Plain and simple, I really like making stuff. Hence, Eddie Makes.


My Brands:

High Five For Love Photography

Started this with my wife in Fall of 2011! It’s our main business & time spent

Grainhappy Photo Tutorials

I’ve always loved teaching. Here I dish on what to think about when you pick up your camera, along with some business & marketing


InstaLink is a MASTER link for Instagram that you never need to change, allowing you to use codes to send your followers to unlimited websites and pages.


Photobooths are awesome already, but WHAT IF you could pull out your phone and see all the photos in near real-time? Integrated with Dropbox!

Goodshivers Music

Played piano since I was five, and picked up a few things along the way. Such a perfect way to de-stress, making + listening to music

Lucky Raft Consulting

I tell you what, we love consulting for small business. So amazing to sit down and help make a dream become a reality. 10 out of 10 so fun.